Acupera Achieves $6 Million in Funding to Expand Development of Patient Care Management Platform

SAN FRANCISCO— (November 14, 2013)

Acupera today announced it secured $2 million in bridge financing from The Whittemore Collectin, Ltd  to fund the development of its Population Health and Care Coordination Workflow Management technology. Acupera’s solution is designed to maximize patient care effectiveness and efficiency within healthcare organizations. The $2 million is in addition to $4 million previously secured in Series A funding from Whittemore Collection, Ltd, and Liebkind, LLC, which supported the initial development of Acupera’s patient care management platform. Acupera is a privately held technology company, launched in 2011.

“Acupera enables real-time, cloud-based Patient risk stratification, and clinical and behavioral workflow management that enables health care organizations to meet the diverse medical and psycho-social needs of their patient communities,” said Dr. Ronald Razmi, CEO of Acupera. “Our technology is designed to easily integrate within existing provider workflows, identify patient-critical needs and rally just the right resources to ensure patient care needs are anticipated and met.”

Acupera’s care management platform effectively mines existing electronic medical records to elevate the most important data relevant to improving overall population health. With its patient- and user-friendly interface, Acupera is uniquely suited not only to meet the evolving needs of care management teams, but also to engage local patient populations in self-care.

“Acupera is the next step in digital health revolution and begins to make the clinical data actionable,” said George Landegger, Managing Director, The Whittemore Collection, Ltd. “Acupera is the only solution available today that is suited to address the evolving requirements of growing healthcare organizations” Said Hermann Buerger, Managing Director, Liebkind, LLC.

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