Tackling the realities of population health: Acupera

Author: Jason Free, Managing Editor | Date: May 28, 2015

Better outcomes, preventing diseases, closing care gaps and creating cost savings for providers are all promises made by those who espouse the virtues of population health. Historically, however, these promises have not been met in many instances, causing some to believe that true population health management may still be just out of our current reach. Others, like Ron Razmi, Chief Executive Officer, Acupera, feel that it is not the practice itself, but the unrealistic, misguided approaches that many practitioners of population health employ that cause so many disappointing results.

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What exactly is ‘population health,’ anyway?

Author: Tom Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief, Healthcare IT News | Date: May 26, 2015

As anyone who either attended HIMSS15 or followed the ensuing conversation can attest, population health is currently all the rage. While reporting from the show floor, in fact, it seemed just about every vendor, from all walks of life, was trumpeting “population health” in one form or another.

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