Health Systems & Hospitals

While the shift to value-based payment models for hospitals and health systems is underway, fee-for-service remains the predominant payment model. With rising cost of care and decelerating revenue growth, hospitals are looking for ways to increase market share and improve patient retention. One of the primary drivers of lost revenue to integrated delivery network is network inefficiency and leakage. Preventing revenue loss and improving operating margins have been one of the top priority for hospitals and health systems.

To make matters worse, with emergence of new payment models, hospitals and health systems are taking on additional risk and required to improve quality of care and reduce costs. This presents a set of challenges for hospitals to find new ways to deliver care. Moreover, in the face of readmission cuts by Medicare, hospital systems are rethinking the entire care management and delivery process. Today, the tools and programs to prevent readmissions, improve resource optimization, and improving patient outcomes are on the top of CEOs and CMOs minds.

Acupera offers hospitals and IDNs a comprehensive population management solution, by combining their best in class operation and strategic consulting, population analytic tools and care coordination workflows.


  • More than 2,200 hospitals faced Medicare readmission penalties, 1% of Medicare revenue at loss
  • Maximum penalty to increase 2% in Oct 2013 and 3% the following year
  • $17.5 billion spent by Medicare on additional hospitalization costs because of readmissions alone
  • Nearly 2 million Medicare beneficiaries are readmitted within 30 days post discharge a year